CitizenBlogI am not going to talk about last weekend’s betting for too long as it was frankly a weekend to forget thanks mainly to Leinster dropping me heavily on Sunday where they not only lost to La Rochelle but failed to score the 25 points I required them to.

CitizenBlogMaking consistent profits in sports betting is not easy and the successful punters I know spend many hours looking for that little something that will give them an edge over the bookmakers.

CitizenBlogSouth African rugby was dealt another blow this past week with news that local teams would not be able to travel and play in the Rainbow Cup. I will keep my feelings on this decision and the logic behind it to myself but sadly it looks as though we will have to make do with more local derbies for the foreseeable future.

CitizenBlogIn life we can prepare for something to the most minute detail, but it is often the case of being at the right place at the right time which is the difference between success and failure.

CitizenBlogHaving enjoyed a couple of profitable weeks I was full of confidence heading into the Easter weekend and all of the rugby that came with it.

CitizenBlogI used to track each and every bet I placed, but these days I simply reconcile my betting accounts at the end of the weekend to see if I made a profit or a loss.

CitizenBlogA red card in rugby used to be few and far between, but with implementation of new rules around players safety they are becoming much more frequent.

CitizenBlogI send out a weekly newsletter, generally on a Friday morning and in it I share the Goodforthegame Best Bet for the weekend. I usually tap into the knowledge of the excellent panel that I have on the Rugby Betting Show, THE HANDICAP, which goes out on YouTube live at 21h00 every Thursday and last week was no exception.

citizenMy weekend once again revolved around Rugby betting starting on Friday morning where my Best Bet of the weekend, Force -2.5 points arrived against the Waratahs. I was unable to watch the game but was tracking the scores through one of the betting sites and there are few things more frustrating than seeing betting markets suspend and then waiting to see what if anything had happened.

CitizenBlogI wasn’t planning to get involved in the rugby on Sunday afternoon. The weekend had been good to me and I was showing a profit and the Scotland v France match had been called off due COVID-19 in the French camp.

CitizenBlogWhen you are betting on sports there are many factors that you take into account, Current form and head-to-head statistics are important and closer to the match itself, team news becomes critical. Will the Proteas field an extra spinner, has the Crusaders star fullback recovered from the knock he took last week, will the Liverpool coach be resting key players in a FA Cup match ahead of bigger games to come?

CitizenBlogAfter a successful start to 2021 my betting fortunes went belly up last weekend. Things actually began quite well as I had a bet on Italy to score 8 points or more against England and that bet arrived before half-time. Unfortunately that sparked a greedy move on my part where I then took England to score 45 points or more during the break and while the bet looked like landing in the last 10 minutes, England somehow couldn’t cross the line.

CitizenBlogI was fired up for the start of the Six Nations Rugby this past weekend, however due to the fact that I was playing in a poker game and wouldn’t be able to watch the Saturday matches I decided to keep my betting interest to a minimum.

CitizenBlogI was quite excited for this past weekend’s Currie Cup final as my form had improved over the preceding weeks and in sports betting confidence is always important.

CitizenBlogI was an angry man when the Bulls let the Lions in for a consolation try at the end of their Currie Cup semi-final. I had backed the Bulls to win by 9 points or more and that try meant the final margin was 7 and I had done my money.

CitizenBlogTo start this first column of 2021 let me wish all of our regular readers a Happy and Prosperous Year and as far as the betting goes a profitable one of course.

CitizenBlogThis past weekend’s Sports Betting started and ended in dramatic fashion.

CitizenBlogEvery Friday morning I send out a newsletter with my Best Bet for the weekend and 99% of time it is a Rugby Bet.

CitizenBlogRecent weekends have been packed with Rugby Betting but this past weekend it was my poker schools year-end tournament and due to the midnight curfew things began early. For that reason I never got too involved in the rugby and although my best bet of the weekend, Lions (+3.5) arrived against Western Province I showed a loss with Australia failing to beat the handicap against Argentina and Total Points going over 50 in the Bulls v Cheetahs game.

CitizenBlogTo most people watching the Argentina v All Blacks Test this past weekend the final All Blacks try which saw them go from 31-0 to 38-0 meant very little, to me it was the biggest moment of the weekend.

CitizenBlogBlack Friday may have originated in the USA, but as South African consumers will know it has taken off in this country in a big way.

CitizenBlogI send out a weekly e-mail with my best bet for the weekend. It is usually a Rugby Bet and often isn’t my selection, but one or more of the panel on my Thursday night Rugby Betting Show “The Handicap”.

CitizenBlogAfter a turbulent few weeks I managed to get away with the family this past weekend to a Game Reserve just outside Brits.

CitizenBlogMy good betting form continued this past weekend with my best bet of Lions to score 36 points or more against Griquas arriving with room to spare. I also collected on Sharks to score over 35 points against the Pumas and was in a powerful position heading into the Bulls v Stormers game.

CitizenBlogThose of you who read last week’s column will know I didn’t have a very good weekend and it was important that I bounced back and made some money heading into Round 3 of the Super Rugby Unlocked.

CitizenBlogI came in to this past weekend full of confidence having won decent money on the rugby in the last few weeks and although my cycling form has been poor I managed to turn it around with a 9/1 winner in the Giro on Friday.

CitizenBlogLike many Rugby fans I was very excited for the local competition to get going this past weekend.

CitizenBlogSouth Africa has a host of reputable online bookmakers, but they are generally reliant on their overseas counterparts to set markets and betting lines. Globally there is just too much sport for any bookmaker to price up individually and while the odd bookmaker in South Africa sticks their neck out with early rugby prices, they generally follow the markets which are set overseas.

CitizenBlogAs a punter who focuses primarily on Rugby Betting I have at least had New Zealand, Australian and European competitions to wager on over the past few weeks. I must say though that I haven’t really go into it and aside from following some of the shrewd punters on the Goodforthegame Forum I haven’t really got involved.

CitizenBlogThe Tour de France is over and I am exhausted. Doing video previews of each stage and betting every day for 3 weeks running certainly does take its toll.

CitizenBlogIt has been over a decade since I last had a share in a racehorse, but that all changed a few months ago when after the idea was conceived in a YouTube Show and we formed a Goodforthegame Syndicate with Gary Lentin from GGGaming and purchased shares in 2 fillies.

CitizenBlogAbout a year ago I came into contact with someone who calls himself the Betting Stig. For those who don’t know, the Stig is a character in the British Television Show, Top Gear and the character wears a helmet at all times and the concept of the show was that no one would know the true identity of the Stig.

CitizenBlogI used to play cricket when I was younger and it is amazing how many times I would go into bat and things would feel pretty good but when I was out of form I always got that nick through to the keeper or worse still found myself run out. Then one day that would change and the nicks would start flying past the slips and the fielder would no longer hit the stumps direct.

CitizenBlogIt is 8 weeks later than usual, but the Tour de France starts on Saturday and I am incredibly excited for this 3 week race.

CitizenBlogWhen I started Sports Betting many years ago there was no social media and if you wanted to see what experts in any field fancied you had to subscribe to an SMS line.

CitizenBlogAlthough local rugby has yet to return it has been great having the New Zealand and to a lesser extent Australian additions to watch and bet on over the past few weeks.

CitizenBlogThose punters who like me have been betting for many years will know that every now and again you have a weekend which you just want to forget and unfortunately last weekend was one of those for me.

CitizenBlogWhile Rugby Betting has returned thanks to the New Zealand and Australian competitions, some people may be surprised to know that as far as Sports Betting goes I have actually missed cycling more. I absolutely love this sport both from a viewing and also a betting angle.

CitizenBlogIt is not in its regular slot of the first Saturday in July and you can’t go and watch the race this year, but there is no doubt about it that Durban July fever is building.

CitizenBlogIf ever you wanted an example of why Sports Betting can add so much excitement to a game then last weeks clash between the Reds and the Waratahs in Brisbane is a case in point.