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Olimp3kSignUp jan19In my final year as a student I was one of those fortunate souls to have my own wheels (no it unfortunately did not help whatsoever with the ladies). Whilst it was incredibly cool having my own wheels – both for me and my mates – the only downturn was the fact that it was a Toyota Tazz with only four gears going forward. With family in Hermanus I travelled from Stellies via Sir Louwry’s pass on a monthly basis. Now, let me tell you, when a truck stops your momentum going up the mountain pass it’s incredibly frustrating having to gear down to first and be required to slowly build back up from 40km/h…

Olimp3kSignUp jan19I’ll admit a bias here. Though I was never a forward myself I just love it when the brick shit house, the tall timber, the big boys, the fatties either get over for an unlikely score or play an important role in the lead-up to a try – it just catches my eye more than when it is pulled off by the fast, skinny blokes alone. On that note I’d like to jump right into a few of these moments that we witnessed during the last full round of Super Rugby in 2019.

Olimp3kSignUp jan19Think of kicking in rugby and your mind goes to Naas Botha hoofing the ball miles into the air or the Heyneke Meyer “liefling” strategy whereby Derick Hougaard used his right foot at nauseum. Whilst times might have changed it does not mean there is no place for boot to ball in modern rugby and Week 17 of Super Rugby proved this in no small measure. So, on this note lets briefly explore the phenomenon that is the attacking tactical kick by looking at the different modern day kicks – I promise it will give you a kick!

Olimp3kSignUp jan19I strongly subscribe to a post weekend /pre-week reset. Rugby results might have seen you slip down the Superbru log; some money could have gone down the loo as the results just kept going against you; your supported team cocking it up leaves you wondering how you are going to handle the social media abuse form mates; or you just don’t know how you’re going to face your Liverpool work colleagues for the coming week.

Olimp3kSignUp jan19A maestro, a wizard and a mathematician walk into a bar… Yes, believe it or not this is how things went down in Super Rugby Week 15…

Olimp3kSignUp jan19For the better part of this Super Rugby campaign coach Rassie must have had tears in his eyes and no hair left to pull out. Yet both the Sharks and Stormers have proven there could be a proudly South African template to going toe-to-toe with the Kiwi’s. The Bulls, Stomers, Sharks and Lions have also all proven very competitive overseas.

Olimp3kSignUp jan19It was a Steven King script, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, produced by Tarrantino and starring Richie Mo’unga as the anti-hero and Elton Jantjies as the villain as the Bulls were massacred at Loftus on Friday and the Lions almost ended up butchering things at Ellis on Saturday. Here’s how things went down in Week 13 of Super Rugby.

Olimp3kSignUp jan19It was another crazy weekend where cards were handed out like it was someone’s birthday, the mightiest of them all got a huge fright at their fortress and amidst the draws there was a slow-mo sprint from Thor! All in weekend’s work of Super Rugby…

Olimp3kSignUp jan19The Lions got chowed in the real lion’s den whilst the Sharks swam better in foreign waters. The Kiwi’s put on a show but there were some local pretenders as well, as Happy Feet Willemse and Dancing Dillyn Leyds gave the Capetonians something to smile about. Here’s how Week 11 of Super Rugby went down…

Olimp3kSignUp jan19Few things beat the peace and tranquillity of an Easter weekend visiting with family in Hermanus. Cue waking up to the sound and smell of the ocean, browsing around interesting markets in the area and having an epic fish braai with enough Kabeljou to feed all the apostles and their plus one’s. Of course, there are a select few of us that can allow something to interfere with this tranquillity…

Olimp3kSignUp jan19The theme park that is Super Rugby is well and truly still open for business and delivering weekly thrills and spills. The Sharks decided to clown around in Durban whilst the Stormers pulled off a magic trick that Dynamo would be proud of by picking up a victory in Australasia.

Olimp3kSignUp jan19It was a jungle out there this past weekend. The Sharks bit back by dispatching Swys’ cubs in the concrete jungle whilst the Tahs were left singing the Blues. Elsewhere the Bulls bashed and bullied their way to a 10-point lead but when all was said and done the calf ended in the pit. In Melbourne the Wolves were finally put down.

Olimp3kSignUp jan19Steven King as writer and Spielberg as director wouldn’t be able to script things better than what transpires in Super Rugby at times. With action, drama and intrigue here’s my critic’s review of this particular miniseries.

Olimp3kSignUp jan19I’m sure you noticed those people, or been one of them yourself, who flashes the Colgate whites and waves at every fellow motorist passing you in the game reserve. Or they enthusiastically greet any and all passers-by whilst strolling along the beach (often even elaborating on fishing conditions despite not knowing your Shad from a Marlin).

Olimp3kSignUp jan19In American sport dramatic sport comebacks lead to epic sport movies – in the Southern Hemisphere we call it just another week of Super Rugby.

Olimp3kSignUp jan19Here’s how my Monday morning around the water cooler chat would sound after Round 4 of Super Rugby.

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Olimp3kSignUp jan19Here’s how my Monday morning around the water cooler chat would sound after Round 2 of Super Rugby.

Olimp3kSignUp jan19Oh it’s back people, it’s back!!

Olimp3kSignUp jan19So the “P” in PMS is for Post and not Pre,but it’s Super Rugby week and I just can’t wait (and I’ll just drop a bit of Post in there to keep it real as well).

Olimp3kSignUp jan19February is upon us and that brings about a few certainties of life as a South African:

CitizenBlogHaving successfully come through a weekend without any sport and by definition without any betting, I have been watching the behaviour of some of my fellow punters as they look for alternative outlets for their disposable income.






Last week I mentioned the advent of Betgames and Lotto Numbers, but the market with the closest correlation to Sports Betting is probably E-Sports.

Popping onto the World Sports Betting Website there are a host of E-Sports listed many of which are absolutely Greek to me. I do recognize the top one on the list though, namely “Call of Duty” as my teenage son has played it on occasion.

The next Call of Duty Tournament is in Dallas on 28 March and Dallas Empire are priced at 7/4 favourites with the Chicago Huntsmen 2/1 and you can get 11/2 and better about the balance. I have, of course, absolutely no clue as to the form heading into this event, and it may well be prudent to spend some more time with my son as he plays his X-Box.

To find out more about E-Sports Betting and to see whether there has been growth post COVID-19 I made contact with the Marketing Director at World Sports Betting, Ryno Du Plessis who advised that “E-Sports has been a growing betting sport for a while now and although the growth has been slower in SA than other countries, there has been a telling migration as the Generation Y kids enter the working market and start earning more disposable income. With the COVID-19 pandemic, E-Sports suddenly finds itself at the forefront though and we are seeing an increasing number of bets on these sports by patrons who would not have been betting E-Sports a couple of weeks ago”.

I have long suspected that E-Sports is the market of the future, but never really had the inclination to get involved, but it looks as though the time may well be ripe though.

This will likely be my last article for a while as we enter the lock down (it is of course meant to be a sports betting piece) and I wish all of the Citizen readers and regulars to this column a safe and trouble free isolation period and I cannot wait until we are back talking about and betting on top class domestic and international sport.

Twitter: @BrentGraham.

This article was written for the CitiGaming supplement of the Citizen Newspaper and was published on the 26 March 2020.

Brent Graham is a blogger on and sends a free weekly e-mail list just CLICK HERE to register

CitizenBlogI put a post out on Facebook last week that I would be summonsing all my will power and would be giving up Sports Betting for a few weeks. There was a wide range of reactions with most people asking if this was a cry for help and I had perhaps been kidnapped, while others commended me on having the discipline to make this move.

CitizenBlogThere was a time when I used to bet on the PGA Golf every weekend which meant plenty of late nights especially when my fancies were in contention. These days I tend to focus on the bigger events like the Majors and with the US Masters on the horizon, I am looking to get involved in the Players Championship, the event many call the 5th Major.

CitizenBlogThe only thing that has gone right for me in this season’s Super Rugby is that I have not been able to watch many games due to school sports commitments. After a strong start in Week 1, my form has slumped considerably and to give you an indication of where it stands, I am currently sitting 64th out of 69 players in our “Pay To Play” Pool in SuperBru.

CitizenBlogAfter a short break Sevens Rugby returns to our screens this weekend for the 5th round of the IRB World Rugby Sevens Series.

CitizenBlogI have somehow found a way to make a profit these last two weekends of Super Rugby. I say “somehow” because if you have been reading my betting previews on Goodforthegame you would be forgiven for thinking I am talking absolute rubbish.

CitizenBlogAfter a quiet opening weekend of Super Rugby, I had more opportunities to watch games in Round 2 and I am pleased to report I came out ahead of the bookmakers, but only after some serious close shaves.

CitizenBlogThere were 7 Super Rugby matches in Week 1 and if you add together the amount of rugby I watched over the course of the 7 matches you would not even get a full game.

CitizenBlogFor many rugby punters things get real this weekend with the start of Super Rugby and Six Nations.

CitizenBlogA friend of mine was out from New Zealand over the holiday period and although now a fully-fledged All Blacks supporter he does follow my social media accounts and we got to talking about rugby and betting.

CitizenBlogHaving cleared most of my accounts after the Rugby World Cup, I then proceeded to flitter away what was left and was on the verge of shutting up shop for the year. I had a small balance left in my World Sports Betting Account and decided on a change of approach which, so far, has paid dividends.

CitizenBlogAs 2019 draws to a close I find myself reflecting on what was an up and down sports betting year. The highlight was, without doubt, the Rugby World Cup and I turned a profit on the event thanks to long term positions going low on points and tries and despite being on England to win the tournament.

CitizenBlogAs 2019 draws to a close, rugby punters will be taking close order as the Cape Town 7’s gets underway.

CitizenBlogMy weekend began on a positive note when I cashed in our Poker School’s annual year end Tournament on Friday night. Unfortunately things started going wrong on the Saturday when I got involved in Horse Racing including the Summer Cup. It was one of those days where anything I backed failed to even challenge for the places and only Queen Supreme, who eventually finished 4th, gave me a run for my money in the main race.

CitizenBlogThe Summer Cup is one of four Horse Races I get excited for each year with the others being the Durban July, J & B Met and Queens Plate.